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Available for crossbreeding only, with lots of hair and flair!
All Part-Bred foals are eligible for registration with the Internationally recognized, Friesian Horse Society (FHS)
When registered with the FHS Registry all offspring are eligible to compete at all USEF/IFSHA sanctioned Friesian Horse Shows in the Part-Bred division.  

Hanse is registered with the FHS as a B-Book II Stallion. He has been kept a stallion for the purpose of crossbreeding because he possesses the classic Baroque Friesian characteristics along with a tremendous amount of bone. At inspection, his scores were highest in movement and his best gaits were canter and walk. Couple these with his sweet and solid disposition and you have the prime ingredients for a Thoroughbred...or ? sporthorse cross.

FHS Registered Friesian Stallion

                                                     DOB May 5, 2002



See theContracts for complete breeding details

Breeding Methods: Shipped Cooled Semen or AI at the Farm

Sire 15.1h

Sire Lammert Stb

Sire Bjinse Stb

Sire Gerke Stb

Dam Pinksterblom Stb Ster

Dam Trynie Stb Model+Pref

Sire Evert Stb

Dam Lisck Stb Ster

Dam Carla Van De Ketting Stb Ster

Sire Piter Stb
Sire Ygram Stb
Dam Redia Stb Ster
Dam Duke Fan 'T Zand Stb Ster Sire Sander  Stb
Dam Wytske Hb

Dam 15.1h

Hanneke Ster

Sire Tamme Stb

Sire Jochem Stb
Sire Mark Stb Prederent
Dam Ottsje Stb Ster + Pref
Dam Lawine Stb Ster Sire Dagho Stb
Dam Berke Stb Ster + Pref

Dam Tavrie Stb

Sire Lammert Stb Sire Bjinse Stb
Dam Trynie Stb Model+Preferent
Dam Dautzen Stb Sire Hotse Stb
Dam Reintsje-Japke Stb Ster


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